‘The days are long, but the years are short.’ – Gretchen Rubin. I often reflect on this quote, especially as I watch my children – now 10 and seven – progress through school and become young women right before my eyes. I beg for time to slow down yet I can’t wait to meet the amazing women they will become.

The question we all ask ourselves on a daily/weekly/yearly basis is, ‘Where does the time go?’ With the issue in your hands today it has, unbelievably, been three years since we launched Grey-Bruce Boomers, which remains the only publication specifically focused on the exciting lives of adults 50+ in our region.

As I reflect on the past three years of publishing, I can’t help but compare Grey-Bruce Boomers (and our other publications, Grey-Bruce Kids – celebrating six years! – and Huron-Perth Boomers, soon to turn two) to raising my kids. Some ways the magazines are like my children are:

• They bring me joy! They allow me to work my own schedule while raising my human children (I often refer to my magazines as my third child).

• They make me proud. The feedback we get from organizations, businesses involved with the publications and readers of the magazines is always unexpected and very flattering.

• They worry me. I get stressed about deadlines, curating the right stories, providing the best value for our advertisers, and releasing the magazines to the world where they have to stand on their own merit.

• They take up space in my car! I’m constantly shuttling magazines around to different locations throughout Grey/Bruce, very much like my kids. The magazines leave a lot less mess behind though!

We have another great issue for you with stories about the beautiful Florence, Italy, a local man who skis from some of Canada’s highest peaks, staying safe while remaining active in the winter and much more!

From my family to yours, have a wonderful winter!

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