As you open this issue of Grey-Bruce Boomers, I hope it finds you well.

Maybe you’re relaxing on a beach somewhere, or just back from a hike. Maybe you spent this morning plucking tomatoes from your garden, and perhaps your kids and grandkids will visit tomorrow afternoon. In any event, summer is a wonderful time in our community. I hope you’ll do what you can to enjoy it to the fullest — without pushing too hard. As Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys said, “Summer means happy times and good sunshine.” I hope you’ll soak it up while you can (using lots of sunscreen, of course).

I’m serious about that last part, and so is Cathy Telfer of the Canadian Cancer Society, who shares with us two very personal stories about melanoma (Page 3). Cathy’s account of battling skin cancer is compelling, mainly because she writes well and also because it’s so relatable. We’re grateful for her candor, and for her wisdom.

When it comes to having fun in the sun, you can do worse than skydiving. Jumping out of a plane is an exhilarating experience, but also scary in more ways than one. Suzanne Leith shares her skydiving adventure in our Bucket List feature on Page 26. Also, Charlene Randle-Clayton takes us with her to Australia — figuratively speaking. Her account of a life-enriching trip Down Under starts on Page 6. Elsewhere, Jodi Jerome revisits a key moment in the history of long-term care for seniors in Walkerton’s House of Refuge (Page 20). As you’ll see, we’ve come a long way.

Finally (and pardon the pun) there’s been a lot of buzz in the news about cannabis. Now that recreational weed joins medicinal as legal in Canada, and with edibles potentially being legalized sometime this year, it’s natural to be curious. Today’s cannabis is more potent than what you may have smoked in high school, college or university. Our buds (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) at the Huron County Health Unit offer an update, and some tips, on Page 34.

Whatever this summer brings, I hope you find adventure, joy, a bit of rest and — to borrow another phrase from The Beach Boys — plenty of good vibrations.

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