It certainly feels like we’re returning to our pre-COVID lives, over two years into the pandemic, and hopefully restrictions are behind us and we can learn to live with Coronavirus.

I was hesitant to mention the pandemic again in my Publisher’s Note, but felt it must be acknowledged because the publishing industry is just now being drastically affected by the pandemic. After two years of uncertainty and pivoting, there is now a worldwide paper shortage, with availability and costs fluctuating constantly. It is an extremely challenging time to be in the printing industry, however we are always adaptable and, after losing our printer of 11 years due to the paper shortage, we remain committed to printing this publication, and I thank our advertisers, readers and writers for understanding and supporting us through these uncertain times.

The time has also come to wish Linda Thorn, our long-time Ad Sales Manager, a happy retirement! Linda has worked tirelessly for Boomers for the last seven years, being the best cheerleader and advocate we’ve had. Thank you, Linda, for your dedication and commitment to our publication and all the best in the next chapter of life!

We have a fantastic issue, packed full of local content that I am proud to publish, and I encourage you to share this magazine with your family and friends, and continue to interact with us on Facebook.

I hope everyone has a chance to truly enjoy this summer, to be thankful for all we have, and embrace the time we can again spend with loved ones, and at all the fun events that are returning to our communities.

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