Did you know this past winter in Ontario was the darkest in 80 years? The grey skies seemed to be never-ending, and I can’t specifically recall a day in the depths of winter when the sun was shining.

Despite the fact we haven’t jumped right from winter to summer – April threw a true spring at us with a mixed bag of temperatures – I think everyone in Grey/Bruce will be hoping for a long, hot summer. Having received some beautiful days early in April and into May, I think we may be on track to replenish our Vitamin D stores this summer.

We have another fantastic issue planned, this issue being the 9th summer issue we’ve published since launching in December 2014! Doug Archer writes in our Bucket List feature about local hikers Ian and Terry Kennedy, who conquered Scotland’s Three Sisters. Grey Bruce Public Health shares important information about the growing concern around home takeovers, and how to protect your loved ones from unwanted house guests who eventually assume the head of household. Robin Hilborn brings us a blast from the past with the history of dance pavilions along the Lake Huron shoreline. Yoga teacher Esperanza Eusebio has some gentle and loving tips about learning to “let go,” and finally, local history expert Mat Johnson writes about Eugenia Falls and its interesting past.

We all know summer seems to go by more quickly each year, with get-togethers with family, barbecues, summer recreational activities and the regular everyday tasks we do to keep a household running. It’s a challenge to sit back and soak it all in, but my hope for you this summer is that you find the time to slow down and enjoy it – Old Man Winter will return soon enough.

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