Thank you for picking up the inaugural issue of Grey-Bruce Boomers, a free magazine for local adults 50+ in Grey and Bruce counties!

My husband Dwight and I are so excited to bring you a high-quality, local publication that informs and entertains this area’s dynamic ‘Baby Boomer’ generation.

Dwight and I are the children of Baby Boomers, and we’re passionate about being a go-to source of local information. We were both born and raised in southern Bruce County and, after leaving the Bruce to go to school and pursue our careers, we came home – as so many do – to raise our two girls, aged seven and four.

For the past three years we have published Grey-Bruce Kids, the area’s only, free, local magazine for parents and caregivers. As young parents, we saw the need for a resource like Grey-Bruce Kids, while also recognizing the lack of a publication for local Boomers, which we felt was a huge gap, as over one-third of Grey/Bruce residents are over 50.

By definition, a Baby Boomer is someone born during the post-Second World War baby boom, from 1946-64. But a Boomer is so much more than that. Today’s Boomers are more engaged than ever before. They care about their communities and want to leave the world a better place. They want to fulfil their dreams and make the most of their time. They are a generation that has taken the world by storm and continue to be game changers, and we are honoured to share these local stories with our readers.

There are some fantastic national publications that focus on the Boomers, but I feel it’s important to have local information, relevant to people in Grey/Bruce, and available for free to our residents. I feel that we have done that with this first issue, and I hope you enjoy reading it and will look forward to the next issue on March 1, 2015.

So put your feet up, take your time and enjoy the first issue – it’s one of 10,000 being distributed for free this quarter. Please support our advertisers and writers, engage with us at, on Facebook ( and Twitter (@GreyBruceBoomer), and let us know what you think! We ask our readers to share story ideas with us, so let us know what you like and how we can improve in 2015. Grey-Bruce Boomers is your magazine, and I look forward to you joining us on this journey.

Amy Irwin, Publisher
Grey-Bruce Boomers

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