Ah, fall… my favourite time of year!

As much as I love the short, and this year hot, summer that Grey/Bruce provided us, I always look forward to September. Getting the family back into some kind of routine, buying new sweaters and leggings, breaking out my cute boots instead of flip flops, it’s a time of renewal.

Fall is a time to trade in beaches and barbecues for crisp air and casseroles; a time to enjoy the amazing colours in Grey/Bruce and some awesome fall events; a time to think about getting ready for winter – home maintenance, snow tires and Christmas shopping (which is much more fun!).
As always, we have a great line-up of articles in this, our eighth, issue. We are  fortunate to have so many interesting and knowledgeable people in our community who want to share their expertise and life experiences. It is the contribution of these people, businesses and organizations that make Grey-Bruce Boomers a true community magazine – our stories are written by people in Grey/Bruce for people in Grey/Bruce.

Finally, I have to make mention of our amazing Bucket List feature this issue – Reba Dalgleish has made it her life’s mission to check items off her Bucket List according to the lyrics of her favourite song! Be sure to read all about how Reba has pursued this goal since she first heard ‘You Belong to Me’ in 1952.

As always, please support our advertisers and distributors – especially as we approach the holiday season. They are truly the lifeblood of our communities.

Happy fall!

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  1. I really enjoy reading your articles and take in a lot of wisdom and lessons from each person, even if I’m not over 50 years “” yet “” lol

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