We did it! We made it through another Grey/Bruce winter!

My family spent a lot of time at the arena, cheering on our daughter’s hockey team, as well as those of our friends’ children. I love how the community comes together at the rink, especially for those exciting playoff games! However, I look forward to fewer Zamboni fumes and the absence of snow, salt and ice, and can’t wait for green grass and temperatures above zero!

My thanks goes to all of you who provided feedback on our Winter 2017/18 issue! We love to hear from our readers, so be sure to reach out and tell me what you enjoy, and if you have story ideas for future issues, please touch base. Also, if you have a minute, please fill out our readership survey, which provides us with important information about how to best serve you. Find the link on our Facebook page or click here.

We have curated another awesome issue of Boomers for you this spring. I’m sure many of you, especially if you are born and raised in the area, will be familiar with Scotland’s Isle of Lewis, and the ancestral roots that run from there to here. Alan MacLeod recounts his adventures to the Scottish Isle in our travel feature. This feature was especially interesting to me because my hometown of Ripley was settled and built by over 100 families of ‘Macs’ and ‘Mcs’ from the Isle in the 1850s.

We also have a very informative health article about shingles and the new vaccine, as well as a feature on mindfulness and meditation. Our Bucket List feature follows a local man’s journey to B.C. in pursuit of ancient fossils, and be sure to read ‘Bootlegging in the Greenock Swamp’ for the fascinating history of illegal booze production in our backyard.

As always, my gratitude goes to our advertisers, readers, writers and distributors for making Grey-Bruce Boomers the premier publication for local adults 50+. Have a wonderful spring!

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