Somehow it’s winter again in Grey/Bruce. Each year the holiday season seems to creep up on me more quickly.

While I’m well aware winter always comes after fall, I’m always surprised by the first snowfall (which happened on Halloween this year, a cruel joke!), leaving me, like many others, scrambling to get snow tires on, finish raking leaves, put away patio furniture and then think about the long list of Christmas duties that lie ahead. The cold and snow will come, regardless of whether or not we are ready, so we might as well enjoy it, check out the activities at the local arena, hopefully get the snowmobile out, play in the snow with the grandkids or hunker down with a good book or movie and wait it out until spring.

In this issue we have a first-hand account of “bikepacking” the Camino Frances by May Tettero, who found peace through struggle. We also have an informative article about keeping your home safe from trips and falls Kevin McKenzie of Ontario Home Health. Our bucket list feature by Doug Archer allows us a glimpse into what being a master model ship builder looks like. Writer and memory keeper Arlen Wiebe writes about the importance of keeping the past alive and recording the life story of yourself or loved one. Chandrashekar Tripathi shares an article about cultural diversity in Grey/Bruce and how holidays are celebrated in many different ways.

I hope you have a safe and healthy holiday season surrounded by those you love, and all the best in 2024!

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