You could almost hear it, the day residents of Grey and Bruce counties let out a collective sigh of relief when the warm weather became a mainstay in May.

There was no more worrying about road closures or the hesitation to make plans for fear of not making it home. There were also no more muddy driveways and dirty, melting snowbanks.

Grey/Bruce is ready to celebrate the summer (and hopefully great weather!), as evidenced by all the amazing community organizations that are holding events (see our calendar on Page 38) and, for those who are looking for a game of golf, tons of fundraising tournaments.

This issue of Grey-Bruce Boomers is packed with articles we hope you will find interesting. There’s Beaver Valley’s Robert Burcher, who tells us about his ‘Legacy Project’ – his Bucket List story is a must read for any history buff or person who has stared death in the face and came out the other side. We learn about Panama and all it has to offer both tourists and expats. Heather Smillie shares her downsizing tips for your home, and we also take a closer look at the healing properties of essential oils. You’ll also meet one of Kincardine’s most colourful historical figures in Paddy Walker, and take a trip down memory lane in our Nostalgia piece on Drive-ins.

Thank you once again to all of our amazing contributors, writers, distributors and advertisers. We remain proud that Grey-Bruce Boomers is a truly local publication with something for everyone. We are always looking for story ideas, Game Changer nominations and people who are fulfilling their Bucket List. Feel free to email me at with your feedback and suggestions.

I hope you get enjoy this issue of Boomers while outside, soaking up summer.

Amy Irwin
Publisher, Grey-Bruce Boomers

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